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We meet with each client to understand their needs and assist them through each stage of the buying process.

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Lucror Property acts as a single point of contact for all your property needs. We specialise in land and property procurement, continuing through to each site’s planning and development. We ensure that our clients get an excellent return on investment every single time.

Sourcing Opportunities

Finding property or land in the right location and at the right size and price is difficult. We give you full access to on and off-market land or properties so that you can make an informed decision.


We identify investment opportunities using local market knowledge, strong relationships with both real estate agents and owners, and a set of investment analyst models. We offer property identification, price negotiation, contract negotiation, preposition, comprehensive due diligence, and advice on all crucial matters in the lead-up to settlement.


After your first meeting with our property consultant, we will arrange a finance structuring and profile meeting with our seasoned finance brokers or investment finance specialists. The specialist will go through all aspects of the finance interview and inform you of your borrowing capacity. Lucror Finance can offer you the best loan for your financial circumstances.


Property transaction structure is complicated. Provisions that benefit one side tend to be a disadvantage to the other side. That’s why we focus on the risks that each transaction structure creates and work out a mutually advantageous plan. In a nutshell, we will maximise our clients’ business goals while minimising legal risks.


Generally, planning processes are complicated and time-consuming. Whether you want to develop a new property, subdivide a residential or commercial property, or undertake to plan new processes, our planning team can make your dreams come true. Our in-house team of experts can determine your project’s feasibility, identify problems and offer practical solutions.


Once the planning is done, we will contact our panel of builders and invite them to submit their quotes, offer suitable floor plans, drawings, and inclusions for the property. We pick the best offer and market it to our investors or homebuyers.


We have a comprehensive list of suppliers who have been chosen because of their proven track record of efficient and cost-effective services. Each of our clients benefits from having loyal suppliers who care about the services they offer. We don’t choose suppliers based on just experience or cost, but on their service quality, demonstrable attitude, and long-term benefits for each of our clients.


We engage independent building surveyors to inspect every construction stage to ensure everything is completed according to industry guidelines and client satisfaction. Then, we proceed to the handover process and keep in touch with the client long after the project is completed. Clients will be in the loop every step of the way—during each land settlement cycle and construction process. We offer them transparent communication and complete control over their own property.
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